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Posted on December 30, 2010


Kalau mau lebih cepat jatuh cinta, berhenti mencari orang yg sempurna. Mulailah mencari orang yg tepat.

If u can’t handle urself, don’t even try to handle others. Or u’ll end up being handled by them.

You earn the right to live a better life, if you can handle the problems of your current life

Following ur passion means taking risk. Success, comes by handling those risks. So success,starts from following passions.

Kalau kita membiarkan uang dan waktu membatasi kita, maka kita tdk akan pernah bisa maju.

Nobody is irreplaceable. The moment you believe that someone is, you’ll find it hard to move along with your life.

Losers are champions in finding excuses.

If I stop everytime I come across obstacles, what ever I achieve eventually will not be something worth to be proud of.

Its never too late to go for ur passion.

When u know u’ve done everything right but things haven’t turn out like u expected, 1 last thing to do, is to persevere.

Ga ada di dunia ini orang yg jadi sukses karena dia pesimis. Maka syarat pertama utk sukses adalah menjadi optimis.

Without preperations I’m not ready and if I’m not ready, I won’t be succesful in anything I do.

We wise up by experience. Not by age.

Knowing that God will never give up on us, why do we give up on ourselves?

All you need to do, is to make sure that you’ve done ur best. What ever happens is irrelevant. U did ur best.

What will your legacy be? How do you wish to be remembered?

Finding ur passion is the best thing you can do for yourself..

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