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Posted on December 28, 2010


Always have someone to look up to. It will motivate you & keep you grounded at the same time.

Missing is a good thing. Its a sign of needing 🙂

The mind can never tell the heart to be happy. It needs to be stimulate. It needs to be inspired.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, sometimes its better to not say anything.

Always go back to the school that shaped you and help them with what you have.

Dream about it and then make it happen

You’ve been asking for the world to change, aint nothing’s gonna change if you decided not to do a thing

Kalau mau perang, perangi kemiskinan. Kalau mau jadi pahlawan, jadilah pahlawan untuk anak2 Indonesia.

Gue ga pernah ketemu masalah yg selesai lewat marah2. Yg ada marah2 malah nambah masalah.

I won’t wish for time to move fast nor for time to move slow. I’d like time to move just as it is, & wish that I will enjoy.

Everything that’s precious, is limited. Except, love. Ur spouse can give you precious love, and it will never run out.

Everybody fights. And though not everybody wins, the truth is, everybody learns something.

Its not losing that ends your world. Its giving up after the loss that ends it.

Between failing & succeeding, is how hard you try.

Pilih2 kalau mau marah. Kalau semuanya dimarahin, pasti akan disebut pemarah. Siapa yg mau berteman dgn pemarah?

Mantra utk elo: “Gue bukannya males, gue rajin utk hal hal tertentu saja” hehehe.

We all dream. But when we wake up some try their best to make it a reality, some prefer to get back to sleep & dream about it.

There are battles that aren’t worth fighting for..

Should you fight, fight because your life is threatened. Not ur ego.

I will not live forever. But my legacy will.

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