random food facts by @ShSerad part 1

Posted on September 20, 2010


#Sushi Time, #Sushi is made with white short-grained Japanese rice, mixed with a dressing made of vinegar, sugar &salt.

Short grain rice’s consistency is differ from long grain rice such as those from vietnam, thailand. #Sushi

Long grain rice isn’t proper for #Sushi because it is drier & doesn’t stick together.

#Sushi is low in fat and is very nutritious food. The fish in #Sushi provides protein and can be good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Seaweed in #Sushi is rich in Iodine.

Modern #Pizza is believed to hv been invented to Raffaele Esposito a baker in Napoli Italy.

In 1889 Esposito of Pizzeria di Pietro baked #Pizza especially for the visit of italian King Umberto I & Queen Margherita.

According to historians, the #Pizza was said to be very patriotic and bcause it “resembled the Italian Flag” Green=Basil, White=Mozzarella, Red=Tomatoes.

The pizza was named #Pizza Margherita after the Queen of is believed to be the origin of the #Pizza we have today.

Great #Pizza dough is made only with :Flour, natural yeast, salt&water. It must kneaded by hand & must be punched down&shaped by hand also.

#Pizza is basically a meal prepared in a plate made of bread.This idea dates back to 16th century #Greeks who eat flat round bread with toppings.

#Pizza migrated to #America with #Italian immigrants in 19th century.

In the 1950’s packaged #Pizza to prepare at home from Chef Boyardee hit the market.

Nowadays, #Pizza is consistently the top 3 #Foods eaten by Americans & a staple of the #American diet.

It is estimated that #Americans eat approximately about 400 slices #Pizza per second

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