#manlyfashiontips from @vipertongue

Posted on September 12, 2010


For that precise military look, tuck shirt into underwear and push excess fabric to the back.

How to roll sleeves: fold once so cuff hits elbow, fold once again the remaining sleeve. Never roll just the cuff.

the color of your belt, shoes, and gloves should always match. Except if you’re into latex gloves.

When travelling, hang up your shirt as you take a hot shower. The steam will ease the creases.

Maintain bellybutton hygiene using cottonbuds dipped in linseed or teatree oil. Trust me, she notices.

Hotel room airconditioning can dry your throat. Hang up a wet towel before going to bed.

Never wear white socks with black dress shoes. Unless you want to look like a lost taiwanese tourist.

When choosing glasses, don’t follow trends. Trends change, but your face (for better or worse) won’t.

If you have a full head of hair, don’t mess with it too much or else you’ll end up like me. Damn you, Duran Duran!

Your shoes will last exponentially longer if you alternate between pairs. Leather needs a day to spring back into shape.

If bubblegum gets stuck to your pants, place in freezer overnight and scrape it off while it’s still frozen.

As our climate is too hot for jackets, there is no shame in carrying a man-bag for our gear. Just make sure it’s a manly.

Apply shoe polish the night before you buff it. It’s better for the leather, and you save time in the morning.

To dry shoes in a hurry without ruining them, shove in baby diapers.

Oh, and make sure the diapers are unused.

In sitcoms, she inadvertently leaves behind underwear the morning after. In real life, it’s always jewellery or a phone charger.

If you get any type of oil on your clothing, rub in talcum powder and it will absorb it.

To dry clothing in a hurry, lie flat on a towel. Roll both up and proceed to twist.

Most useful travelling gear? The sarung. Use it as clothing, curtain, blanket, and when weighted n swung, a weapon. #manlydaudfashiontip

Your tie should hit the middle of beltbuckle. Any shorter, looks clown-ish. Any longer, looks desperately compensating.

There is no shame in using moisturizer in the morning. Night cream? Dude, now that’s really pushing it.

Have your tailor fit your shirts. It’s quick, cheap, & the easiest way to look trim without any effort.

Leather. Denim. Kevlar. When it comes to what a man should wear, this is the holy trinity.

A good suit is like a condom. Better to have one and not need it, than need it and terpaksa kelabakan beli.

Buy the best suit you can afford. Why own several so-so suits if you’ll end up wearing that fav one each time?

The length of your suit jacket should be the distance from shirt collar to floor divided by two.

Make sure 2cm of shirt cuffs peek from under suit sleeves. A man with no cuffs showing looks forlorn. Defeated, even.

What’s with useless sleeve buttons on suits? Suits were only worn by doctors, who need to roll up during surgery.

Wearing suits does’t ruin them. But dry cleaning does. So if possible, only dry clean once every 8x you wear it.

After wearing, brush suit gently & steam it using iron. The fabric & iron should not touch, just the steam.

I don’t know who u are, but if u wear a suit w the sleeve label still on, I will find you, & I will kill you.

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