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Posted on September 2, 2010


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You have to believe, that you, your existence in this world, is a blessing for someone else. Find that someone.

Sometimes, just bcoz u can’t do it. U tell people its impossible. U cant handle other people’s success over ur failures.

How do you expect to clear a problem with someone if you choose only to talk about it behind that someone’s back?

Masang video “itu” di Facebook, sama seperti elo maling ayam lalu pamer2 sama semua orang. Pelajari UU ITE.

U can be the most powerful person in the country. U can do it the Obama way. The Warren Buffet way. Or The JayZ way. U choose.

My success isn’t what people say it is. My success is what I say it is. I make my own term.

So much things can be done if we stop talkin about things that we shouldve did.

You can never control the things happening in your life. You can however, control how you react to it.

“Whoever stops fighting first, surely loses” -RECOUNT-

If you have a problem, RUN!!! Not away from it, but run towards it. End it. Don’t prolong it.

No excuses. Its either your fault, or no one elses.

Mr Right One is hard to find. Mr Happy however is always around 🙂

Don’t even dare winning if you can’t take the risk of losing.

Never let anybody make you believe that you can’t reach ur dream. You can. And if they can’t handle that. Its their problem.

Never ask for respect. Prove you are worthy of respect.

I don’t think we really need all the money in the world. Just enough to get by. Greed is always in disguise.

No matter who you are, within ur health, lies the fate of others…

To accept change, is to accept growth.

Bukan membantu namanya kalau masih pamrih..

Being right doesn’t give you the right to yell at those who are wrong

“Kalo elo benci Indonesia, lalu kenapa elo masih disini?” -seseorang kpd temannya yg berkata “Indonesia busuk”-

If u can’t handle stress, u won’t be able to win over pressure situations..

One of the cure for being sad, is making other people happy. Try it. It works for me 🙂

They can’t hurt your feeling if you won’t let your heart feel it..

Keep looking, keep searching, if its there, you’ll find it. The principle goes for finding ur missing keys & finding ur passion.

Bersyukurlah atas kesibukkan kita. Banyak yg tidak punya kesibukkan, dan karenanya tidak punya uang utk makan.

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