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Posted on September 2, 2010


again, contributed by an anonymous

Loving should be easy. It comes naturally. If its forced, its not love. It may look like it. But it aint.

If u survived the worst, u’ll see that there’s always hope even when ur eyes can’t see it…

Chasing perfection is like chasing the sun on the horizon. It moves away every time you’re getting closer.

It takes courage to dream. It takes determination to make it a reality..

Its all about attention. How much have you been giving it to the ones who needed it from you?

Winners think of losing as a strong reason to win oneday. Losers think of winning as something they might lose oneday.

Falling in love is weird. Sometimes it happens when its not suppose to, and it didn’t happened when ur hoping to.

( Vision + Discipline ) x Determination = Success

Gengsi, adalah ilusi yg paling sering menipu mata hati

Dinginnya AC dlm sebuah ruangan di desain utk membuat hangatnya tubuh pasangan jadi terasa lebih indah.. 🙂

Everybody is looking for one day in one lifetime where he can say “I am proud of myself”

Someone, who is young enough to be reckless & bold, yet old enough to worry & be responsible, will bring innovation.

If u can’t seem to believe that change can’t be stopped but have to be dealt with, just remember one thing: Your Hair.

Just because they’re serving you, it doesn’t mean they’re less better than you..

Though I miss my past, I’m more excited of the future. There, lies my chance to make my life better. The past, will stay that way.

Learn to teach. You’ll find out that teaching is another way to learning.

retweeted by pandji : jgn sampai di usia 40 lo mengelus perut buncit & mencabut uban sambil berkata “Dulu ayah punya ide bagus2 lho,” jgn sampai ya

When you can say “I think we did everything we could”. You already won it. No regrets…

Working for someone else might give you money but working for your passion will make you happy.
Do you know why we dream when we sleep? Coz when we wake up, we would know how we want to create reality.

It’s nice to have someone to come home to after a hard workin day. You’re reminded why you even work that hard.
Two words you want to hear, but rarely say yourself: Sorry & Thank you. Say it. You get what you give.
You don’t hate me. You just don’t have the time to understand me.
Do u know, why a lot of people love Golden Rettriever? Coz when a Golden got growled at, they smile as a reply 🙂
Jgn ngomel2 mengeluh politik Indonesia kotor, kalau elo yg mrs bersih tdk mau berpolitik. Berpolitik tak perlu jadi politisi.
Sometimes, God gives you something you need. Though not necessarily something you want..
Measure the ego of a king from the size of the crown he wears.
Ketika “Bebas” lalu diartikan sebagai “Semau gue”, saat itulah muncul masalah.

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