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Posted on September 2, 2010


documented by an anonymous contributor:

You find strength sometimes from understanding ur weakness.

Ga salah kalau berharap punya hidup yg lebih baik. Yg salah itu berharap punya hidup kayak punya orang lain..

Ada bedanya antara ganteng, merasa ganteng, dan pura pura merasa ganteng :))

Berani berpendapat adalah 1 hal. Berani mempertanggung jawabkan pendapat adalah hal yg berbeda.

Lakukan yg baik dan benar. Kalau baik tapi tdk benar atau benar tapi tdk baik, sebaiknya tidak sama sekali.

God gives us “Tomorrow” so that we can be better from “Today”

Between good to great, is a bridge called experience.

Bukan satu, harusnya BERSATU.

2 major wars going on. Against Poverty & Against Corruption. One deals w/ ignorance. Another deals w/ lies. Take ur side.

U know u gave the right person the right job once they’re willingly to give more than they’re supposed to.
patience is a sign of growing up..

Progress doesn’t come in always being right. Its knowing there are mistakes to improve 🙂

Besarnya niat utk membereskan rumah elo tergantung dgn besarnya rasa memiliki elo thd rumah tsb (its a metaphore btw)

Kenapa belum bobo? >> asli gw lost disini :))

Perjuangan kita belum usai. Perjuangan kita takkan usai. Merdeka untuk #Merdesa !

Sometimes, its better for the both sides to just “Agree to Disagree” 🙂

gw ga pernah liat orang brhasil krn pesimis. . pasti mereka OPTIMIS

Perfection will never be achieved, but it shouldnt stop us from perfecting our hustle.

The beauty of having a lover is: even though ur alone, ur never lonely 🙂

Truth is, no one is really alone in this world. They just choose to be.

Our actions defines us. Our legacy immortalizes us.

So dark the history of mankind. So bright the future for some.For ones who bear in mind, if we make of it, change will surely come

Perubahan akan terjadi tanpa perlu diusahakan. Tapi kalau mau perubahan itu terjadi sesuai yg kita harapkan, harus diciptakan.

Kesehatan, adalah kekayaan yg seringkali terlupakan..

The moment I found out that ur talkin bout me behind my back, I realized that its only because: I’m ahead of u 🙂

To make yourself feel better, try make someone feel better. Trust me, it works.

Should you fight, fight because your life is threatened. Not because your ego is threatened.

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