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Posted on August 27, 2010


Banyak yg ingin jadi seperti idolanya, tapi tidak mau melalui kerja keras yang telah dilakukan sang idola tsb…

If u play with fire, don’t blame other but yourself if u got burned… 🙂

We are the change the world needs, I believe. But we’re to caught up with ourselves. We’re all we see.

(silence sometimes means gold. But someother times, it means absolutely nothing)

By the time you realize u’ve done crazy and irrational things for someone/thing, u have officially fallen in love..

Wanna know how much u love/ don’t love someone/thing? Easy, leave it for at least a day. See what happens.

Belajar sejarah itu untuk bisa memahami sejarah bukan menyesali sejarah..

The reason why people take the road less traveled is to discover things no one knows before. And make that an advantage.

There are things that u just can’t forgive and forget. Perhaps ur not supposed to. Perhaps its a self defense mechanism.

Be yourself. Yourself is a lot cooler than the imaginary person ur trying to be. Why? Coz ur real. Real is cool.

“Para malaikat memuja muji nama Allah hingga waktunya fajar..”

B4isleep: Yang dalam kuasaku, kubergantung pada aku. Yg diluar kuasaku, kubergantung pada Tuhanku.

Yakini: Besok pagi akan terasa indah. Karena besok adalah hari ketika Piala Thomas kita menangkan. Amin.

Orang yg ngaku prinsip hidupnya “go with the flow” pasti ga pernah arung jeram.

There are things in life that God wants to remain a mystery. Just to show us that we are not as powerful as we think we are..

Orang sering menganggap remeh menghayal. Padahal menghayal adalah kemampuan untuk melihat sesuatu yg belum ada. Tidak mudah.

I believe tomorrow will be a great day. No, that’s not a hope. That’s a plan. A plan which I will execute tomorrow.

Not every memory is worth remembering. Let it go.

Signs that u’ve been true to urself: The reason why some people hate you is the same reason why others love you

The moment you believe that someone is irreplaceable, you will get stuck in the past. Whereas life lays in the future.

Sum people fight in twitter, sum fall in love. But above all, we’re here 2 b noticed, 2 b known we’re alive, 2 b thought of…

Tiba2 kepikiran bikin e-book isinya 100 posting terbaik pandji.com dari pilihan elo. Whaddyouthink?

Whenever sad and down, look around. It is when we help others that we feel better about ourselves..

Everybody has their own way to be noticed 🙂

Jangan biarkan gelar menghalangi kita melakukan hal hal besar. Dari Ki Hajar Dewantoro kita harus belajar..

If you have to gamble, at least know the odds…

Every Champion will say, that the defining moment in their life, would be when they decided to rise after EVERY fall.

You have to believe, that you, your existence in this world, is a blessing for someone else. Find that someone.

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