@pandji ‘s b4isleep april 2010

Posted on August 27, 2010


someone has been really kind to contribute documenting @pandji’s b4isleep twits.
as per request, i keep the contributor as anonymous.
I myself admit he has been writing very good and influential things on this category.
enjoy people! 🙂

Sisakan ruang dalam mimpi kita untuk bermimpi yang hebat hebat tentang Indonesia! Kehebatan dimulai dari sebuah impian.

Sometimes, a hug is so much better than a kiss..

Kesalahan mendasar orang yang “baru” sukses adlh sering merasa bhw dia selalu benar dgn modal kesuksesannya sbg bukti.

Do things either for one or all of the following: For the money, for the joy, for the love or for the pride.

There is no limit to time. We decide when the day ends and when it starts, not the otherway around.

Healthy is being able to do things that makes u happy..

Hari ini gue belajar bhw selain adik2 kita yg kena kanker, kakak2nya juga jangan menyerah dlm membantu adik2nya. Jangan menyerah.

What makes u a better person is the ability to force urself & take chances. The fear of failing is the ultimate success killer.

How you accept loss explains who you are..

(again): How u react to winning also shows who u are.. 🙂 I’m reading ur tweets people 🙂

Taking risk isn’t dangerous. Its as normal as life can be…

Sometimes we miss the good ol days. But if we think about it, the good ol days didn’t give us much money like today 🙂

Its better to light a candle than to curse in the dark.(Gue lupa itu kutipannya siapa. Yg jelas bukan gue hehehe)

Nasionalisme akan hambar tanpa aksi Patriotisme.

When ur upset, watch cartoon. It helps.
Bkn kebetulan kt terlahir sbg org Indonesia ditengah kekacauannya hr ini,& tdk kebetulan kalian baca ini & merenungkannya -Glenn Fredly-

The difference between losers & winners is, losers stop after 1 loss. Winner kept trying to cease being a loser.

Losers see losing as a sign to stop trying. Winners see losing as a sign its worth fighting…

I learned a long time ago, that hating will just add problems. I don’t need more problems in life, so I stopped hating

Music, is a release therapist. Certain music for certain emotional release. No song is ever wrong.

How different our lives can be, if we accept everything in life as a blessing.

Don’t judge me by what I say. Nor what I do. Judge me on the combination of both.

Nothing beats the feeling when the person you love opens his/her arm, inviting for a hug…

Its not love if you wish only to receive without having the slightest intention of giving. Even bitches gets paid.

(again) hehehe RT @OddieFrente: i – Org pintar gak malu mengakui kebodohannya, org bodoh selalu lupa mengakui kebodohannya..

Tweet like the whole world is following.

Follow @yourdreams they know the way to happiness.. 🙂

Menciptakan perubahan tidak harus melakukan sesuatu, bisa juga justru tidak melakukan sesuatu…

Berhubung orang bau ga pernah sadar kalau dirinya bau, terima aja kalau ada yg beliin parfum 🙂 Ga ada salahnya toh?

Life isn’t always about giving the right answers. Sometimes, its also about popping the right questions..

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